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Government Subsidies for Insulation

Insulation is essential for a healthy, warm, dry and energy efficient home. Insulating your ceiling, walls and underfloor maintain a cosy temperature year-round by keeping heat in during the Winter months and out during the Summer. It is a cost-effective and easy way to create a comfortable living environment for all the family.

There are subsidies available for New Zealanders thinking about insulating their homes. The current government programme ends on the 30th June 2018, with a new initiative set to start on the 1st of July 2018.

Aptly named “Warmer Kiwi Homes” this new four-year Government initiative aims to provide low-income owner-occupiers with grants of 67% off for ceiling insulation, underfloor insulation, and ground moisture barriers. To be approved for this grant, the residence must have been built prior to 2008 and the owner-occupier will need to hold a Community Services Card or a Super Gold Card with a CSC endorsement OR live in a New Zealand Deprivation Index decile 9 or 10 area. Families may also be referred through the Ministry of Health’s Healthy Homes Initiative. Unlike the current programme which is about to end, this initiative does not cover landlords. Phase two of this scheme kicks off in July 2019 and will include additional grants for heat pumps to be installed in properties that have been properly insulated prior to this time.

Here at Premier Insulation, we are passionate and committed to helping Kiwis make their homes warmer, drier and more energy efficient. Funding is limited or may not cover all areas within your region, which is why we have implemented our own finance options to suit your budget, with the added costs of funding often quickly paid back in energy savings. To check to see if you qualify or to find out more information about insulation grants, contact us today for free no obligation friendly advice.

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