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What is Sitewise?

SiteWise is a pre-qualification system that grades a contractor’s health and safety capability. Gradings are published in a database that can be viewed by other contractor’s and principal organisations, so they can make better-informed decision around the tendering process. For more information visit


Premier Insulation has been awarded a green rating from SiteWise, New Zealand’s leading health and safety database.

Our health and safety policy

We believe all injuries, occupational illnesses and environmental incidents can be prevented through the proactive management of all our staff.

  • Encouraging and supporting employee participation in all matters concerning health and safety.

  • Providing adequate training for employees regarding hazards and necessary precautions.

  • Put in place safe work standards and ongoing improvement practises.

  • Provide employees with necessary equipment, safety devices and personal protection.

  • Ensure all Managers have competencies in health and safety management.

  • Support the safe and early return to work of injured employees.

  • Support the operation of Health & Safety Committees and the development of the Health & Safety Representatives.

  • Ensure all employees comply with all current legislation relating to occupational Health and Safety.

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