Premier Product Ranges

We’re the only insulation supplier and installer offering both Polyester and Glasswool Insulation ranges as a core business. We take pride in our impartial approach to recommending the best product for your specific requirements. Our ability to offer both options allows us to provide unbiased advice and ensure that you receive the optimal solution for your insulation needs.

Our Glasswool & Polyester Insulation is designed for the thermal and acoustic insulation of buildings in accordance with the New Zealand Building Code (NZBC) H1 Energy Efficiency and G6 Acoustic Design requirements.

When installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and the provisions of the BRANZ Appraisal, our insulation materials will perform for a minimum of 50 years, meeting the durability clause of NZBC B2.3.1 (a) & (b). Premier & TemperTherm Insulation meets the relevant clauses of NZBC E3 Internal Moisture, F2 Hazardous Buildings Materials, and will support buildings to meet H1 Energy Efficiency H1.3.1(a) & H1.3.2 E

100% Polyester Thermal & Acoustic Insulation

We very proudly manufacture our products in Ngaruawahia using a minimum 45% post-consumer recycled PET plastics. We support an extensive range ex-stock, and can also offer made-to-order ranges for special widths, custom projects or matching like-for-like substitutions. View our Spec/Datasheets here

Kainga Ora Approved

Our 100% Polyester insulation is approved by Kainga Ora for use in their new build programmes. Our products have been selected and installed in numerous KO projects up and down the country.

Glasswool Thermal & Acoustic Insulation

Premier Glasswool is a resin-bonded Thermal & Acoustic insulation material made using up to 90% recycled glass. It is designed for use in framed walls, ceilings, and mid- floor applications in both residential and commercial construction. Our Glasswool is available in blanket and segment form.

The full published Glasswool range is available ex-stock from our Ngaruawahia and Christchurch distribution centres. View our Spec/Datasheets here

Independent verification for substitution in GIB® Noise Control® systems

GIB® Noise Control® Systems manual states that any substitutions of insulation infill must be independently verified to confirm the noise control performance of the system will be maintained. Marshall Day Acoustics have assessed selected Polyester and Glasswool insulation products and have verified them as suitable substitutions.


Our 100% Polyester and Glasswool Insulation products are BRANZ Appraised, and selected ranges are Environmental Choice NZ certified (ECNZ), providing confidence in their quality and performance, and our commitment toward sustainability.

Environmental Choice NZ provides a credible and independent standard to guide people who want to purchase and use products that are proven to be better for the environment. At the foundation of Environmental Choice are the technical specifications it develops, setting the most stringent, up to date standards for environmental compliance in business. New Zealand companies who can meet or exceed these specifications are permitted to display the ECNZ mark, widely recognised by New Zealanders as a badge of environmental leadership.

Premier Insulation is proud to carry Environmental Choice NZ certification for selected Glasswool and Polyester Thermal Insulation products. All Premier Insulation products are manufactured in the same environmentally considerate way.

NZGBC GreenStar & HomeStar
Premier Insulation can support a buildings ability to meet the GreenStar & HomeaStar accreditation. The specification and use of Premier Insulation will support all available ‘points’ for insulation materials.

50 Year Durability Warranty
Premier Polyester and Glasswool Insulation products are supported by a 50 Year Durability warranty, ensuring long-term quality and performance.