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Products and specifications

Please select from the links below to view our 2018 Insulation Catalogue Data Sheets:

Premier Insulation 2018 Catalogue

Premier Insulation

Premier Insulation is made from the world’s most popular insulation material, glass wool, which is non-combustible and sustainable. The glass wool is made up of 70-80% recycled glass and contains sand, soda ash, borax and limestone with the final component – resin – being the agent that binds everything together.


Premier Novatherm Insulation

Premier manufactures its products in New Zealand using fibres from recycled plastic bottles.

By choosing Premier insulation you’re playing your part in reducing land fills. It is 100% recyclable… so you can feel good about doing your bit to protect the environment. Environmental choice recognises Premier’s near zero waste production practices, our use of recycled polyester fibres which come from recycled plastic bottles and the fact that Premier’s polyester products are fully recyclable.


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