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We offer 100% Polyester and Glasswool Ceiling Insulation

Our team provides ceiling and roof insulation installation services across the whole of New Zealand. We also design and manufacture our own proprietary, 100% polyester and glasswool insulation, giving you the option to insulate your new or existing ceiling using two different types of high quality material insulation material.

Why insulate your ceiling? 

Heat operates on a predictable principle: it rises. Without adequate insulation, this rising heat finds an escape route through your ceiling. Research indicates that a staggering 30-35% of heat loss in an uninsulated residences happens right through its ceiling. By integrating Premier Polyester Insulation, you’re essentially equipping your home with a shield that curtails this upward heat movement, ensuring the warmth stays right where you want it—indoors. And when summer rolls around? That very insulation deflects the heat rays from penetrating your living space, ensuring a more comfortable, cooler indoor atmosphere during hotter periods.

Understanding Insulation and R-Values 

The foundation of a thermally efficient home begins at its highest point. Insulation’s effectiveness is measured using R-Values: the greater the R-Value the better the thermal properties. The New Zealand Building Code has specific guidelines around R-value for regions across the country and benchmarks. Catering to diverse architectural designs, we provide insulation solutions tailored for homes with pitched roofs and accessible ceiling cavities, as well as specialised options for those with limited or absent roof spaces. 

In light of the recent H1 amendments to the NZBC (New Zealand Building Code), the directive for ceiling insulation now targets an R7.0 across all climatic zones. Achieving this benchmark becomes seamless with a double-layer system, apt for trussed roofs and those with cavernous spaces. Dive into our double-layer selections, and familiarise yourself further with these pivotal changes here

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